Business Plan Consulting

Saturday, November 24


Mr. Zlotnick, a Certified Public Accountant  was the founding and managing partner of Apfel, Levy, Zlotnick & Company, a midsize CPA firm in New York City before joining SCORE.  He served for a number of years on the New York State Society of CPA's Financial Planning Committee.  Mr. Zlotnick has taught at the College of Staten Island (Options Program), New York.  
Milt for many years was a Community Leader and Host for America on Line, Business "Know How" division providing advice on business plan preparation.  In addition, he has prepared numerous seminars for SCORE including seminars concerning Internet Commerce.  Milt is a cyber-counselor for SCORE and a contributor to Business Plan Pro (  Milt has been with SCORE since 1996.


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  2. Quite a concise and solid track record for a person who started small and reaped big and good results. This is something I can replicate on with my california llc. Cheers mate!

  3. He has plenty of accomplishment in the field of accounting and business. In fact, I think he could put up his own business consulting management to further share his knowledge.

    1. Thank you for your kind remarks. I have been active teaching return veterans for the US SBA (SCORE) on internet marketing and have not kept this blog up to date. Best Wishes...Milt Zlotnick